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Legal cases - Gregory family


Draft answer of Stephen Willson, Mathew Bott, Richard Snell, William Judd, Timothy Bartlett and Henry Gamble, six of the defendants mentioned in the bill of complaint of Simon Chamber, gent. Stephen Willson denies that he has in his possession any writing made to John Bott, and he states that he only holds a small part of the said lands in Hill as a tenant by the year, for which until recently he paid to the plaintiff £13. 10s. 0d. annually; but that he had ceased to pay the said rent at the request of John Gregory, who claimed the land as his. Richard Snell also denies that he has any writings made to John Bott and states that, of the said lands, he holds only a tenement in Finham, late John Bott's, which he occupies with the consent of the plaintiff. Timothy Bartlett answers that he has a lease from John Bott, made two years ago, of a tenement and a third part of a ground called Neathill in Kingshill, for an annual rent of £2. 6s. 8d., and that he also holds another piece of land called Woodfeild in Kingshill in conjunction with Henry Gambell and Richard Lant at an annual rent of 10 pounds; and that he has ceased to pay both rents to the plaintiff for the same reason as Wilson. Henry Gamble answers that he holds a third part of Neathill by a lease made two years ago at an annual rent of 53 shillings, a close called Poole close from year to year at 20 shillings per annum, and part of Woodfeild as a joint tenant, but that he has ceased paying his rents to the plaintiff for the same reason. Stephen Willson, Timothy Bartlett and Henry Gamble also deny that there has been any collusion either amongst themselves or with John Westbery, Richard Lant, Thomas Grisolde and Thomas Bushbye. Mathew Bott answers that, as the son of John Bott, he has in his possession the following deeds: a feoffment of 18 December 2 James I [1604] from George Kevett and Joan Kevett, his mother, to John Bott of two messuages, five cottages and lands in Fynham to the use of the said George and Joan Kevett; two parts of a fine between Thomas Kevett, plaintiff, and Philip Stretell and Alice his wife, Thomas Warde and Agnes his wife and Katherine Butler, deforciants, of lands in Fynham, dated Michaelmas Term, 4 Edward VI [1550], and a draft assignment, dated 4 September 1612 [no. DR10/1239], from David Bull and Margaret his wife to John Bott, of a term of years in a lease from Arthur Gregorye, esq., to George Marburye of a grange and lands in Kingshill; and he adds that he has no interest in these deeds and will deliver them up to the plaintiff. William Judd answers that he has in his possession the following deeds: the assignment of 4 September 1612; a bond, dated 29 May, 24 Elizabeth, from Arthur Gregorye to George Marbery in 500 marks to observe covenants [see no. DR10/1231]; and an assignment dated 4 September 1612 [no. DR10/1241] of an extent made upon a statute of 1000 pounds, from Thomas Ashton, gent., to John Bott; which deeds were delivered to Nicholas Chambers of Coventrye, scrivener, by Joan Kevett and John Bott, and on his death, came into the hands of Anne his wife, and on her death, to William Judd as one of her executors; and that he has no interest in the said deeds and is ready to deliver them up.