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Josias Rowley Scriven


Will (dated 19 July 1889), inventory (1897) and legacy receipt (1901) re Josias Rowley Scriven, Hampton Hill, Middx., gent., (d. 28 April 1897).

Revokes earlier will dated 6 April 1889.

- To nephew Rev. Charles James Blomfield Scriven: leasehold house in occupation testator for benefit of testator's sister-in-law (Charles James Blomfield Scriven's mother) for her life.
- To niece Emma Hunt: £100.
- To niece Fanny Lunn: £100.
- To niece Gertrude Scriven: £100.
- To nephew Edgar Atheling Scriven: £100.
- To god-daughter Violet Bertha Hunt: £100.
- To nephew Ernest Scriven: £20.

Various specific bequests of paintings and furniture to nephews and nieces including niece Jane Barnard.

- To be buried in Churchyard at St. James and not to have wife's remains in Hampton Churchyard disturbed.

- Legacies to be paid from £606 New Zealand Consolidated Stock.

Legacy receipt, 9 May 1901, from Violet Bertha Hunt, Budbrooke Vicarage (aged 21 on 2/5/01) for £128.14s.Od, being proceeds from sale of £100 stock and interest.