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Coventry deeds and papers - Gift with warranty


Gift with warranty from Ralph the miller (molendinarius) of Coventr' to Adam Hawene, for his service and 10 shillings of silver, of 2 shillings annual rent which Robert de Cornleya and his heirs were accustomed to pay to the said Ralph for certain land in Coventr' in `vico Coci' [Cook Street], namely, from three messuages near the land which Nicholas the miller (molendinarius) held and the land of the said Ralph;

[T]o hold the same of the said Ralph rendering annually one clove of gillyflower at Easter and should the said Adam be distrained in these messuages for dues owed by the said Ralph to the chief lord of the fee, then the said Adam may in turn distrain the said Ralph in his stone house and other tenements in Coventr' until the former distraint is determined.

Witnesses: William Lewin, Robert de Chilton' and Henry Baker (Pistore), bailiffs, William Toly, Alexander de Ruton', Walter Bacun, Roger the miller (molendinario), John Blacwine, John Abbot, William de Okam, Hugh le Bretun, clerk, and others.
Tag, seal lost.
Endorsed: i) in vico Coci duo s. ii) ii sups;. [AG]