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Coventry deeds and papers


Quitclaim from Robert son of Jordan Herbert to Henry called Baker (Pistori) of Coventr' and Agnes his wife of 5s.9d. annual rent in Coventr' which he was accustomed to receive quarterly, namely, 6 pence from the capital mansion of Mathew de Ruyton' towards the Broad Gate (latam portam), 3s.3d. from two shops which Richard le Taylur and Margery widow of Walter de Bannebury held in the market place of Coventr' between the land of Richard de Conedonere and the land of the said Margery, and 2 shillings from the land which the said Henry held towards Ouentesforde between the land of John de Teynton' and the land formerly belonging to Richard Pykedepere; and for this the said Henry and Agnes give 40 shillings. Witnesses: Robert de Chilton', Thomas le Moubray, John Thole, Henry le Cnave, John de Teynton', William Maunsel, John de Macstoke, Richard de Conedonere, Roger Clerk, and others. Seal on tag: a pointed oval, dark green, A vulture. Legend: S. ROBERTI HERBERT. Endorsed: i) Carta Roberti Herbert de v sups;. et ix supd;. redditus [contemp] ii) Carta --- latam portam quam Henricus le Clerk' tenet, vi supd;. per annum et tres solidatos redditus de Ricardo le ?Frit tenet et duos solidos in Harnhelle quam Thomas Pistor tenet iii) Pykeldypere Harnehal [AG]