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Gift from Walter [de Gray] bishop of York to William de Widindon' of land in Brinkelawe


Gift from Walter [de Gray] bishop of York, Primate of England, to William de Widindon' and his heirs for homage and service of two and three quarter virgates of land with two Burgages in the Town of Brinkelawe with all appurtenances which Sanson Cornubien' sold to the grantor; to hold the same to the said William and his heirs doing service for the said premises to Nigel de Numbray and his heirs for as much as might appertain to a fourteenth part of a knight's fee. Witnesses: B. Prior of Hexcoldesham' (Hexham) Masters William de Markham' and Roger de Burton', canons of Suwelt' (Southwell), Thomas dean of Newerk', Richard and William Chaplains to the grantor, William de Vescy, Geoffrey de Bokland', Odo de Richemund', Peter de Vallibus, Adam Bertram, William de Clutherum, Thomas de Witinton', Henry Waln', Reginald de Stowa, clerk, and others. Dated at Lambeth (apud Lamiam) VIII Kal. June in the 11th year of our Pontificate. Large fragment of seal on tag: green, a pointed oval. A Bishop with crozier in left hand and right hand raised in an attitude of blessing. Counterseal figues of two saints. Legend: ORATE --- Endorsed: i) Willelmus de Widindon, ii burgagia ii virgate terre 3 qrt' per xv partem unius feodi militis [AG] ii) Nigellus Mumbray [AG]

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    [25/05/1227], VIII Kal. June in the 11th year of our Pontificate

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