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Old Stratford, Shottery, Welcombe, Wilmcote, etc.


Covenant by Sir John Clopton of Clopton, Knt., with Philip Richardson of Kelmarsh, co. Northt., gent., to levy a fine of a barn, acre of land, etc. in Old Stratford in the Guildpitts near the Common Pound, late in the tenures of Jonathan Sowtham and John Pratt, such fine to be to the use of the said Sir John Clopton for life, and after to the use of his second son Hugh Clopton, esq., and Elizabeth his wife, and their heirs in tail. Witnesses: Thomas Woolmer, John Woolmer. Included are duplicates of a fine by John Ewer and Sir John Clopton to Philip Richardson of a barn, two acres of land, etc. in Sutton Coldfield and Old Stratford, levied at Westminster, Octaves of Purification of Blessed Virgin Mary, 7 Anne [1709].