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Release from Thomas Combe, Old Stratford, gent., to William Combe, son and heir of John Combe of Alvechurch, Worcs., gent.,of the tithes of Drayton in Old Stratford, together with a meadow called the 'parsons peece', in trust to provide `tenne blacke gownes marked with the letters T and C in white cullours on their breasts and backs' and each worth 13s 4d, for `tenne poore aged and impotent men and women' in Stratford upon Avon yearly beginning on the 17th December next after the death of Thomas Combe, and also to pay 20s to a `learned preacher' to preach two sermons yearly in the parish church of Stratford, one on 10 June and the other on 25 December. Counterpart, signed. Witnesses: John Washington, William Cale, Henry Cale, Robert March, Thomas Martin, George Beckes, Embry Beckes.