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Covenant to pay Arrears of Interest: Francis Smyth, Clopton


Articles between Francis Smyth of Clopton, gent. (on behalf of John Clopton, son and heir of Thomas Clopton esq., deceased, and with the consent of John Keyt, esq., guardian to the same John) and James Prescott of Warwick, gent. (on behalf of Richard Andrewes of Thorpe Underwood, co. Northt., esq. and Edward Hands of Offchurch, yeoman) covenanting that on payment by the said Francis Smyth in specified instalments of £320 for arrears of interest at 8 per cent on a mortgage from Thomas Clopton to Richard Andrewes and Edward Hands for £1000 for 500 years, dated 18 June 1638, of Wheeler's Hill, Little Park, Wheeler's Close, Poole Leasow, etc. in Clopton and on payment yearly of £80, the mortgagors shall be left in peaceable possession of the said lands. Witnesses: [Sir] William Sambach [Kt.], Francis Waters, William Gibson, Francis Keyt, Thomas Taylor, George Righton, John Keyt and Francis Smyth.