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Conveyance: Upper Brailes


Conveyance from Martha Howkins of Nuneaton, widow of William Howkins, late of Lower Brailes, gent., deceased, and Robert Howkins of Brownsover, gent., brother of the said William Howkins, to Joseph Harper of Nuneaton, mercer, for £800, of the mansion house wherein William Howkins and Susannah Capell (mother of the said Martha Howkins) formerly dwelt, with a close called Broad Close adjoining to the said mansion, and several parcels of arable meadow and pasture lying in the common fields of Over Brailes [Upper Brailes], being two yard lands then in the occupation of Thomas Tennent and also enjoyed by them in the lieu of two third parts of three yard lands in Over Brailes (one third part being settled by ER3/2568 on the said William Howkins and Martha on their marriage and the other being purchased by William Howkins of Susanna Capell and others); also two third parts of three yard lands, the inheritance of Hugh Capell of Coventry, deceased, father of the said Martha. Witnesses: Francis Parr, Richard Halland and John Burdett.