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Attested Copies of Lease and Release: Littleworth Farm, Honington


Attested copies of Lease and Release dated 19 20 April 1816, between Anne Walford of Banbury, spinster, of the first part, the Reverend Thomas William Lancaster of Banbury, clerk, of the second part, and Henry Walford of Bicester, gent., and James Wake Golby of Banbury, gent., of the third part (reciting that Anne Walford was seised of an undivided fourth part of hereditaments thereinfafter mentioned - one moiety of which undivided fourth part of the hereditaments the said Anne Walford was entitled to upon the death of her father, William Walford the elder, deceased, and the other moiety of the said undivided fourth moiety of the hereditaments the said Anne Walford was entitled to expectant upon the death of her aunt, Agnes Walford, widow of Theophilus Walford, deceased - and reciting that a marriage was intended between Anne Walford and the said T. W. Lancaster) whereby it was witnessed that Anne Walford, in consideration of the intended marriage and of ten shillings to her paid by Henry Walford and J. W. Golby, conveyed to them (with the privity of T. W. Lancaster) her undivided fourth part in hereditaments in Honington called Littleworth Farm and Clerks Leys, upon trust for sale, the proceeds of such sale to be held upon trusts to be declared by an indenture of even date therewith. Witnesses: Henry Davis and William Walford. Attested, 8 April 1844, by James Bettelley and George Gardner, clerks to Messrs. Walford and Beesley of Banbury.

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    19 Apr 1816-8 Apr 1844

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