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Monks Kirby deeds and papers, a charter of 'inspeximus'


Charter of `inspeximus' by Roger [de Longesp eacute;e] bishop of Coventr' exemplifying: i) a gift from Gosfrid de Wyrthia for the peace and safety of William, king of the English, and for the safety of himself and of his wife Alvena, to God and the monastery of St. Nicholas in Andecavensi[Anjou] of the following: the vill called Copstona and everything pertaining thereto, and the church also, which having decayed, has been rebuilt and dedicated to the Blessed Mary and St. Dienysius, together with the ornament of the said church and the priest, by name Franus, and all his belongings and also all the things of the other priest, Osgot, which he hold of the grantor, and which he would have at the death of Franus: and also, in the grantor's five towns of Wapenburia[Wappenbury], Neobold [Newbold], Lelleuort [Lawford], Cret(Crick, co. Northants] and Meltona [Melton, co. Leics.] two parts of the tithes of grain and beasts, the whole tithe of wool and cheese, and in the town of Hantona [Hampton-in-Arden] a third part of the tithe of grain and the whole tithe of wool and cheese, the whole tithe of pennage, and the tithes of the five mills of the said towns; and in Meltona, the tithe of the market and toll, and the tithe of the fish; in the Isle of Axiholme the third part of the tithe of grain and the whole tithe of wool and cheese, the whole tithe of pannage, the whole tithe of fish, and pasture for their pigs without pannage in his woods; with the further grant for the safeguarding of the tithes aforesaid in the said towns, namely Neobold, Cret, Antons, Meltona, Axiholme, one man; and with the further grant of 20 acres of land in Kerkeberia suited for sowing corn; and all there grants to be free of all costs and actions, and to be held in frankalmoign, which alms the grantor's men should pay from their tithes. Dated in the kalends of July on the day of the dedication of the said church by bishop Peter [1 July]. Witnesses: Ive son of Hugh `de Grentemaisnilo' Ivo his knight, Hugh de Guiduilla, Robert Burdet, and of his men Geoffrey, Alfred, Ran' and Alberio, Hamo the abbot of St. Nicholas, and of his monks Gosfred, Ran', Stephen and many others. Dated at Kerkeberia, A.D. 1077 in the 12th year of King William, [See Mon Angl. vi, p.996]. ii) Confirmation from Roger de Moubr' to God and the church of St. Nicholas of Kirkeby and the monks there serving God of all their tenements and benefices obtained from him and his predecessors in wood and in plain, in roads or in paths, in meadow, in pasture, in water and pools, and in mills, whether by way of tithes or other alms which Geoffrey de la Wyrthe and other of his (Roger's ancestors, granted by their charters; which gifts he confirms in frankalmoign; with the further injunction that all tithes from land which he had given from his demesne to anyone, whether cleric or lay, should be paid to the said church free from encumbrances; especially as regards the copse near Meltonia', namely that which the monks of Lewes hold from his demesne, and from the demesne in Hamptona in Arderna which he had granted to Robert de Arderna, and which is now known to pertain to the said church; with the further confirmation of the tithe of the pannage of Hamptona in Arderna and Haxiholm, to hold in frankalmoign. Witnesses: Robert de Danevill', Hugh Maleb', Robert de Bocy, Philip de Munpincon, Robert Beler. [Before 1188. See Mon.Ang. vi, p. 996]. iii) Confirmation from Nigel de Moubray to God and St. Mary and the church of St. Mary of Kirkeby and to the prior and monks there serving God of all the donations, lands, tithes and alms and of all other benefits which were given them by his ancestors from his manors of Axiholm and Meltone, and from the copse in his demesne and of Hamptona in Ardena and the rest of the manors as is witnessed in the charters of Cosfrid de Wirthia, Nigel his grandfather, and Roger his father; and the said monks are to hold the said tenements, pannage, tithes and other benefits in wood and plain as they did in the time of King Henry[1]; and the said monks shall have all their rights wherever they hold; and the men of St. Nicholas who reside in the said town shall have common in wood, plain and meadow, in the same way as their neighbours, in whatsoever way they hold; and they shall have all the liberties and customs which they had in the time of King Henry and of his grandfather; and no-one shall demand aids or services from them. Witnesses: Richard Cornub', prior of Kirkeby, the Reverend Master, Walter de Camvilla, Hugh Malebisse, Hamo Beler, Nicholas de Bellum. [1168-1191. See Mon.Angl. vi, p.996]. iv) Confirmation from William de Mubray to God and St. Mary and the church of St. Nicholas of Kirk' and to the prior and monks there serving God, of all donations, lands, tithes, alms and benefits which were given to them by his ancestors from his manors of Axiholm and Meltune and from the copse and from Hamptona in Ardena which were of the demesne of his ancestors, and of the other manors, as is witnessed in the charters of Geoffrey de Wyrthia and of Nigel de Albiniaco and Roger his grandfather, and Nigel his father; and the said monks ---[as for previous charter]--- services from them; with the further confirmation of two virgates of land in Strutardiston', which William son of Joel of Warwic' granted them, to be free and quit of all secular exactions. Witnesses: William abbot of Cumba, Roger de Moubray his brother, Robert `Camerario', his [William's] steward, Roger de Fontibus, John Malherbe William de Boci, William de Fontibus, Roger de Carleton' and many others. [1191-1224]. v) Confirmation from Nigel de Albiniaco, for the safety of his lord King Henry, and for the safety of his own soul and those of his parents, to God and the church of St. Nicholas of Andegavis [Anjou] and the monks there serving God, in the care of Dom Lambert, abbot of the said church, of all the possessions which Geoffrey de Wirthin gave to them in frankalmoign and all the alms which the men of the said Geoffrey brought to the servants of St. Nicholas in respect of their manors; also of the church of Chircheburia and the chapel of Hildebrok adjoining with all tithes and the mill and lands which they and their men had in Chircheburia and in Brocaherst [Brockhurst]; and of the whole manor of Copestuns with its appurtenances, and also the tithes of the demesne of the manors of Wappenburie, Newebold, Leleford, Crece, Meltune, Hamptuna, and Axiholme -----[further described as in i] ----; with the additional grant of the church of Newebold in frankalmoign, with tithes and lands and possessions appurtaining, together with anything which Baldricus the priest has, to held after the death of the same Baldricus; and he confirms the tithes from all increases which he should make in the demesne of his manors which belonged to Geoffrey de Wirthia, namely in ploughs, mills, increases in cattle and all things from which tithes should be paid; and in Chirchburia he grants pasture for their cattle with his, and common of pasture for their men with his; and this gift he has placed on the alter of St. Nicholas in Chirchberia with the text of the Evangelist, in the presence of Abbot Lambert; and the convent agrees that on his death they will do as much for him as for one of their abbots. Witnesses: Roger de Camvilla, Wiclard de Wapenburie, William de Insula, Geoffrey de Morvilla, Richard de David Villa, Roger de David', and many others on the part of Nigel; and on the part of the abbot, Theobald `magnus', Theobald `minor', John of St. George, Ranulph Rotholandus, monks; and of the laymen, Peter Haldene, Michael `camerarius', David `Lancea Acuta', Saward cocus, Salidus diaconus, and many others. [1100-1129]. Inspeximus dated at Cerne, 4 of the kalends of September, 1285. Seal on tag brown. Large fragment of the seal of Roger, bishop of Coventry. Endorsed: i) Maneria de Melton Mowbray, Wapenbury, Crete, Lawford, Newbold, Hampton in Ardena, Insula Axiholme [AG]. ii) Nigellus de Albuniaco, et Mowbray fundator Kircheby Monacorum [AG].