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Knight of Barrells


Release [lease of the previous day's date missing] being a conveyance from Edward Bullock of Faulkbourne (`Faulkborn') Hall co. Essex esq., son and heir of Edward Bullock late of Faulkbourne Hall esq. decd. and Elizabeth his wife also decd., which Elizabeth was daughter and heir of William Bolton late of Enfield co. Middx. gent. decd., to William Parker of Henley-in-Arden gent., John Hopkins of the same place gent., John Mallery of Kenilworth gent. and Edward Bryan of Ulnall alias Ullenhall yeoman in consideration of £1,900 paid by William Parker, £665 by John Hopkins, £600 by John Mallery and £37 by Edward Bryan (making a total of £3,202), of the manor of Ulnall alias Ullenhall with the capital messuage or manor house called the Hall, a close of pasture and wood called the Grove, Grove lane and closes called Upper Dry leasow next Rowells lane and green Dry Leasow copse (`cops') Lower Dry leasow Hicklings meadow Hallend green Barley close otherwise Barren leyes Coney Berryes Little Flinthill Woody Flinthill Great Flinthill Long meadow Great Hall lands Little Hall lands otherwise Dry Hall lands Great Hopyard Dovehouse close Dovehouse Close copse otherwise Horse Close Upper copse Kirbyes close Middle copse Copse meadow otherwise Copse Upper close Copse meadow otherwise Little Lady meadow Long copse Horse Close Lower copse Horse close Spring Pool close Fishwyer close otherwise Fishers Keyes Hall lands Green Lane close Copse close Upper Lady meadow Lower Hopyard otherwise Little Hopyard Lower Lady meadow Bentons closes Great Fawstens next lands of Richard Holmes gent. and next Henley field Little Fawstens Abraham Birds Forty lands next a close of William Knight esq. called Hollowell, and Abraham Birds Broad piece alias Abraham Birds Broad close, all which capital messuage, closes and lands were late in the occupation of Henry Stokes gent. and John Stokes gent.; also three closes known as New leasow Waltons close, and Spurriers croft, then or late in the occupation of Samuel Claridge; also eight closes known as Launders Barne ground next Townland on the north and Puckhill lane on the east Launders First ground Launders Second ground Launders meadow Church meadow next Dobbins lands and Flinthill lane Further Rowells otherwise Lesser Rowells Rowells meadow, and Great Rowells, all then or late in the occupation of Samuel Preston; also twelve closes called The Grove Stony close formerly called Long Pitts Upper Long pitts Corne close Barne close Barne Close meadow Corne Close meadow Long meadow Lower Long pitts (Upper Long pitts and Lower Long pitts being formerly called Long Pitts and Long Pitts coppice) Nutlings close Little meadow, and Further close, all formerly in the occupation of Elizabeth Cooper widow and then or late of the said John Hopkins; also a close called Moore close next lands of John Roper and John Court, formerly in the occupation of Richard Russell and then of the said Edward Bryan; also a chief rent of 7s. issuing from lands of Stephen Nicholls tallow chandler within the said manor. These lands were to hold to the grantees to the following uses viz. As to Abraham Birds Forty lands, Abraham Birds Broad piece and the 12 closes called the Grove [ c.], to the use of the said John Hopkins for life and thereafter of his son Thomas Hopkins and his heirs; As to the 3 closes in occupation of Samuel Claridge and 8 closes in occupation of Samuel Preston, together with rights of passage through Grove lane. Hall End green, Great Hall lands, Spring Pool close and Green Lane close to Green lane, to the use of the said John Mallery and his heirs; As to Moore close, to the use of the said Edward Bryan for life and thereafter to such person or persons as his wife Elizabeth should appoint; and As to the manor, capital messuage, remaining closes and lands and chief rent, to the use of the said William Parker and his heirs for ever. Signed and sealed: Edw. Bullock. Armorial seal on tag: a chevron ermine between three bulls' heads caboshed, for Bullock, impaling a chevron ermine between three eagles close, for Childe. Witnesses: Wm. Turton, Wm. Challoner jun., Ri: Wood. Endorsed with memorandum of receipt of purchase money, signed Edw. Bullock, same witnesses. Endorsed: Molands Wilson's or Fosters in Ullenhall. Sold to the uses of the will of Earl Catherlough decd. 1837. [Purchase No. 32]