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Welcombe estates of William Bevington Lowe


Abstract of the title to the devisees in trust of the late William Bevington Lowe of Ettington, to a freehold farm of 31a 1r 28p, lying between the Maidenhead Road and Clopton Road, reciting as follows: i) 5 and 6 February 1817: DR318/1/6 ii) 10 April 1817 : DR318/1/7 iii) 1 and 2 April 1817: DR318/2/10 iv) 22 and 23 October 1817: DR318/4/11 v) 23 October 1817: DR318/4/12 vi) 23 October 1817: DR318/4/13 vii) 14 October 1829: will of John Whitehead, dated 5 July 1821, bequeathing all his property in Stratford-upon-Avon, to his son-in-law, John Greaves, in trust for his daughter, Margaret Lowe, for life, with remainder (in default of other direction by Margaret Lowe) to such of her children as should survive her. viii) 14 May 1834: will of Margaret Lowe, wife of Jeffery Bevington Lowe of Ettington, gentleman, dated 19 April 1830, directing that her late father's property in Stratford-upon-Avon (with the exception of a house in the tenure of Dr. Williams) should remain to John Greaves, to the use of her four children, Sarah Lowe, William Bevington Lowe, Susanna Lowe and Jeffery Bevington Lowe as tenants in common. As to the fourth share of Sarah Lowe (afterwards, Mrs. Gibbins): ix) 14 October 1840: settlement on the marriage of Joseph Gibbins of Birmingham, esquire, to Sarah Lowe, being a conveyance by her trustees of her fourth share in the late John Whitehead's Stratford property, to hold to the use of Joseph Gibbins and his intended wife for their lives with remainder to their children x) 21 October 1864: appointment of William Bevington Lowe and Jeffery Bevington Lowe as new trustees of the said settlement xi) 24 September 1887: Declaration by Sarah Gibbins that her share in the said property should be divided, on her death, between her two children, William Bevington Gibbins and Margaret Gibbins As to the Black Grounds: xii) 28 March 1866: DR318/4/14 Followed by a note that from time to time, plots of land (part of the Black Grounds) fronting Clopton Road, had been sold for building purposes, amounting (by 1887) to 17,933 square yards. As to the fourth share of Jeffery Bevington Lowe: xiii) 5 August 1868: Will of Jeffery Bevington Lowe, dated 23 December 1862, leaving all his estate to his brother, William Bevington Lowe, in trust to sell the same, and stand seised of the proceeds in trust to divide between the said W.B. Lowe, his sister Sarah Gibbins, and his sister Susanna Lowe As to the fourth share of Susanna Lowe: xiv) 25 February 1874: Will of Susanna Lowe, dated 23 December 1862, bequeathing her share in the property to her brothers, William Bevington Lowe and Jeffery Bevington Lowe, and her sister, Sarah Gibbins xv) 5 November 1872: conveyance from the heirs of C.T. Warde to William Bevington Lowe, for £470, of a parcel of land (formerly divided into two fields and described as Lots 5 and 6 on sale particulars of 26 and 27 September 1809), late in the occupation of Mary Cole, widow, open at the southeast to a private road, and bounded on north and north west by land late belonging to George Lloyd, but since of C.T. Warde, W.B. Lowe and others, on the east by land late of Thomas Sharshaw, butcher, and then of Mary Esther, widow, and on the south and south west by land late of Samuel Field, baker, since of John Whitehead, and then of W.B. Lowe and others. As to the whole property (except Black Grounds): xvi) 28 January 1876: conveyance by the heirs and executors of John Greaves (see DR318/5/vii) to W.A. Hobbes of all their interest in the estate of the late John Whitehead, to hold in trust for W.B. Lowe, Sarah Gibbins and her two children, W.B. Gibbins and M. Gibbins. xvii) 26 September 1887: agreement between William Bevington Lowe, and his children, and his sister, Sarah Gibbins, and her children, to divide between them (amongst other things) the residue of the real estate of John Whitehead, and the investments arising from the sale for building purposes of parts of the Black Grounds; namely that W.B. Lowe should receive the house and remaining land late of John Whitehead in Old Stratford, and that the investments should be divided between the others. Followed by note that two further plots from Black Grounds were sold for building purposes after this agreement, containing 1013 square yards (see DR318/5/xii) xviii) 20 June 1891: will of William Bevington Lowe, dated 4 March 1887, bequeathing (amongst other things) his estate in Old Stratford, to his wife Rachel Jane Lowe, and his sons, John William Lowe and Herbert Foster Lowe, in trust to sell. Attached are the following plans: i) Copy of the sale particulars of 1809, showing the original lots fronting Maidenhead Road ii) Plan of the Black Grounds, fronting Clopton Road, taken from undated sale particulars.