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Conveyance by Thomas Shuckburgh, Middle Temple, London, esq. to Charles Leigh, esq., second son of Sir Thomas Leigh of Stoneleigh Abbey, Christopher Leigh, third son of said Sir Thomas and Thomas Hewitt, Ladbrooke, gent. for £4580 paid by Charles Leigh and in consideration of an annuity of £60 to be secured to Henry Shuckburgh, gebt., second brother of said Thomas of the Manor of Birdingbury with its rights; capital messuage or manor house with orchards, gardens and appurtenances, being by estimation 3 acres; 2 enclosed grounds known by the names of Over Berry and Nether Berry lying near the manor house; inclosed ground or pasture divided into three known as the Hallfield (110ac); enclosed ground known as the Barley Close (7ac); meadow adjoining the Hallfield called the Longe Meadow(18ac) out of which meadow the freeholders have half the hay cut at their own expense; enclosed ground near the manor house known as Howells Close (3ac); quarter yardland in common fields (10ac); 3 arable lands and 5 sheep commons lately belonging to an ancient cottage in the occupation of William Morgan (1ac): all which lie in Birdingbury and Marton in the tenure of John Rose: windmill and watermill with barn cowhouse; 3 little pieces of ground near the watermill called the yard, the Hopp yard and the Breakes (3 ac in all); enclosed meadow known as Mill Meadow (3ac) out of which certain freeholders have one-sixth of the hay at their own expense: all in the occupation of John Neale: messuage, yard, orchard, garden and close adjoining (1 frac12; ac); barn called Stone Barn near to the vicarage; little close lying at the `Over end of the Towne' known as Cox Close ( frac14;ac); 2 frac34; yardlands (110ac) in Birdingbury Morton [sic] in tenure John Lapworth, clerk; messuage, yard, orchard, garden and 3 closes one little meese place (4ac), 3 yard lands (120ac) which last messuage and lands were purchased of Sir Humphrey Stafford, anciently called Stafford's Farm, now in the occupation of George Colberne and William Sitch; messuage and close with appurtenances (2ac), 1 frac34; yardlands (70ac) now in the occupation of John Johnson and William Chambers; frac34; yardland and 4 arable lands (56ac) lately belonging to a cottage in the occupation of William Morgan, now in the occupation of William Davyes; meese and little close adjoining (1 frac12; ac); one-eighth yardland (5ac), cows common belonging to Harberts Farm; cows common and 5 sheeps common belonging to an ancient cottage called Howells Cottage in the occupation of Henry Hands; cottage and little close ( frac12;ac), 12 arable lands (4ac) with commons for 1 cow and 5 sheep, in the occupation of William Miller; cottage with 4 lands (1ac) and commons for 1 cow and 5 sheep in the occupation of Mark Abbott; cottage with 2 lands (1ac) and 1 cow commons on the land of William Davyes, in the occupation of Edward Forster; cottage in the occupation of William Morgan; cottage with one cows common in the occupation of Richard Tompson; 6 cottages in the occupations of John Taylor, Jone Tweson, Thomas Russell, Jone Gibbs, Edward Ayres and Anne Smith; the advowson of the parsonage of Birdinbury and all the rights, profits, rents etc. of Thomas Shuckburgh in Birdingbury. Subject to 40/- rent charge payable to John Pultney; 30/- rent charge on the enclosed lands payable to the Hospital at Leamington Hastings; 20/- rent charge on enclosed lands to Drapers' Company of Coventry and 20/- rent charge to John Cooke of Birdingbury.