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Wills and testamentary papers


Copy Administration with will (dated 10 June 1766) annexed of the unadministered goods of Richard Fowler, Long Compton, shopkeeper, granted to Ann Fowler, niece and administratrix of Robert Fowler, sole executor and residuary legatee of the will (proved at London 27 July 1772). To trustees: William Squire, Charlbury, Oxon., mercer, Robert Spendlove, Charlbury, maltster and John Clark, Chipping Norton, mercer. Rents and profits of 10 closes in Willington, Warks., in the occupation of Richard Padbury, in trust (1) to pay annuity of £30 to daughter Mary for life. (2) to use balance for maintenance and education of Richard and John Fowler, sons of testator's son John until 21 then equally between them during life of Mary. (3) after death of Mary, freehold to John and Richard equally. To son Robert: 3 messuages in Willington in occupation of widow Fletcher, John Chamberlain, Richard Hiorn and Stephen Jarratt. : messuages and lands in Burmington. : 2 closes in Shipston Fields. : messuages in Long Compton. To trustees: £700 to invest and use interest for maintenance of testator's 7 grandchildren, sons and daughters of John, until 21 then divide between them; viz: Mary, Richard, Ann, Hannah, Sarah, Rebecca, John. To brother Stephen: 30/- annuity for life and half wearing apparel. To sister Margaret Pitt: 30/- annuity for life. To nephew Richard, son of Stephen: 1 guinea. To niece Mary Sadler, daughter of Stephen: 1 guinea. To brother Thomas: 1 guinea. To brother Henry and his five children: £5 each. To nephew and nieces, Margaret, Richard, Mary and Hannah, children of `sister Gardner': £3 each. To brother Christopher: £5 and half wearing apparel. To nephew and niece Richard and Elizabeth, children of Christopher: £2 each. To niece Catherine, daughter of brother Robert: 1 guinea. To John and Mary, children of sister Margaret Pitt: £2 each. To servant, Mary Norton: £5. To poor of Willington: 20/- Specific bequests of furniture to grandchildren Richard, Mary and John, children of son John. Residuary legatee and sole executor: son Robert Fowler. Overseers: Kinsmen Robert Braine and Richard Heydon. Witnesses: William Atkins, Joshua Jones, John Wakefield.