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Lease and Release: Honington, Talton, Alderminister, Armscote, Tredington, Newbold-on-Stour, Cookham and London


Indentures of Lease and Release between the Right Honourable Algernon Earl of Mountrath and Diana Countess of Mountrath his wife, Orlando Bridgeman of Blodwell, co. Salop., and Lady Ann his wife (which said Earl and Orlando Bridgeman were two of the acting executors of the Will of Mary late Countess Dowager of Bradford, deceased, and with their respective wives were committees of Thomas Earl of Bradford, a lunatic, son and heir of the said Mary Countess of Bradford) of the first part, Sir Hugh Briggs of Houghton, co. Salop., Bart., the other of the acting executors of the will of the said Countess, deceased, of the second part, Walter Dovey of the Inner Temple, London, executor of the will of John Dovey late of Clements Inn, deceased, of the third part, Mark Thurston esq., Accountant General of the Court of Chancery of the fourth part, Sir Henry John Parker of Honington, Bart., of the fifth part, Chauncey Townsend of London, merchant, of the sixth part and Joseph Townsend of New Burlington Street, esq., of the seventh part (reciting ER3/1993, the marriage of Hugh Parker, son of Sir Henry Parker, with Ann Smith by whom he had issue Sir John Henry Parker, Hugh Parker, John Smith Parker, Hyde Parker, Margaret Parker, Ann Parker and Sophia Parker and that by his will he appointed a certain sum to provide portions for his six younger children, and reciting ER3/1999-ER3/2010, ER3/2012 and ER3/2019 and that Joseph Townsend had contracted to purchase the hereditaments in Honington for £32,000, but that the total then owing on the mortgage was £35,136 7s 0d and that the said Sir Henry John Parker had occasion to borrow a further £7,763 13s 0d which, together with the deficiency owing to the mortgagees made a total sum of £10,900, which sum the said Joseph Townsend had agreed to advance to the said Sir Henry John Parker upon security of his hereditaments in Talton, Armscott, Alderminster, Tredington, Newbold and Cookham, co. Berks., and reciting ER3/2026-2027 whereby Joseph Townsend purchased the estate at Honington) whereby it was witnessed that Mark Thurston, in consideration of £25,073 12s 0d paid into the Bank of England by Joseph Townsend to the use of the Earl of Bradford, the executors of the said Countess of Bradford, deceased, in consideration of £10,062 15s 0d to them paid by Joseph Townsend, the guardians of the Earl of Bradford and Walter Dovey (executor of John Dovey a trustee for the said Countess, of the interest of the six younger children of Hugh Parker, deceased, in the said hereditaments and acquired by her, see ER3/2010) assigned and conveyed all their mortgage terms and interests in the hereditaments referred to in ER3/2010 to Chauncey Townsend in trust for Joseph Townsend and the said Sir Henry John Parker, in consideration of £10,900 0s 0d to him paid by Joseph Townsend mortgaged to Joseph Townsend (by assignment of mortgage terms to Chauncey Townsend) all his hereditaments aforesaid (except in Honington). Witnesses: Hulton Perkins, Francis Loggin, John Rayner, James Cox, Henry Nowell and Thomas Rawlins.

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    9 Apr 1741-10 Apr 1741

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