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Baddesley Clinton


Attested copy of the inquisition taken 1 March 7 Elizabeth [1564/5] by Richard Denton gent. deputy of Thomas Daubridgcourte esq. Escheator for the county of Warwick upon the death of Edward Ferrers esq. concerning the manor of Baddesley Clynton with appurtenances and certain lands called the Walles in Baddesley. The said manor of Baddesley was held from Edward, lord Clynton for fealty and 1d. annual rent to be paid at Easter on demand, and the annual value, in addition to the annual rent of £12 13s. 4d. paid to Francis Cokayne and Dorothy his wife and the heirs of the said Dorothy, was £12 13s. 4d. The said lands called the Walles were held from Robert, earl of Leicester as of his castle or manor of Kenelworthe, lately part of the possessions of the Duchy of Lancaster, in socage for fealty and the annual rent of 106s. 8d., the annual value being 50s. 4d. The said Edward died on 10 August [1564] and Henry Ferrers, who at Lady Day [1565] would be 14 years of age, was his son and heir. Attested by Ferrers Randolph; Edmund Rawlins. Endorsed: 1. [By the scribe] Inquisitionem post mortem Edwardi Ferrers armiger 2. [In a late 16th century hand] Theophilus Comes Lincolne et dominus Clinton 3. [c.1839] 1 March 7th. Elizth. Inquisition post mortem Edward Ferrers Esq. Jurors found that long before his Death Dame Constance Ferrers was seised for her life of the Manor c. c. of Baddesley Clinton then held of Edw supd; Lord Clinton by fealty and one penny rent if required and of Lands called Walles held of Robert Earl of Leicester as of the Castle or Manor of Kenilworth in socage fealty and the yearly rent of 106 shillings and eight pence - and that the said Manor and other tenements (except the Walles) were subject to the payment of an annual rent of £12 - 13 - 4 payable to one Francis Cokayne and Dorothea his wife and the heirs of the said Dorothea and that the said Lands called the Walles were on the day of the death of the sd. Edward Ferrers held of the sd. Robert Earl of Leicester as above. [74]