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Mason Family; Lease from Year to Year, Mason to Smith


Lease from year to year for the annual rent of £173 and £50 per acres converted to tillage beteen Thomas Smith of Stratford upon Avon on the first part and Timothy Smith of Stratford upon Avon on the second part. Property: Property: nine pieces near Old Stratford near the town and known as (1) Cox's piece, Cox's peace, First meadow, second meadow, First Forty Lands, Second Forty Lands, Slowhill, Broad Furrows in all containing sixty-five acres and five cottages in Rothen Market in the occupation of William Poole and others together with barn and yard thereunto adjoining (cottages being leasehold), and great barn, cart stable and rickyard adjoining premises of Thomas mason now in the occupation of Reverend John Peglar and Langley grounds, together with the Sling being thirty-two acres with alll rights pertaining. Access to Mason and assignees to cut down and carry away timber.