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Burton Dasset: early deeds, Magna Derset [?], a grant


Grant for lives by William Peyto to Thomas Couper of Magna Derset, Joan his wife and John and John their sons, of one messuage with bake[?] house for their lives and the life of the longest liver. Which messuage lies between the messuages of William Clerk and John Raulyns, and which grantor had by gift and feoffment of Nicholas Walyshale of Coventry.

Paying 6s 8d annually for all services, and a heriot on the death of each lessee.

William Malote,
John Raulyn,
Nigel Richard,
Richard Couper,
Henrty Mably

Dated at [Burton] Dasset, Thursday after St Bartholomew the Apostle, 34 Edward III