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Burton Dassett: early deeds, Byrton or Dorcett, a bargain and sale


Bargain and sale by Thomas Verney of Compton Verrney, esquire, to Sir Edward Wootton of Bockton Malaherbe, Kent, knight, Anthony Cooke of Romforthe [Romford], Essex and
Mary Danet of Tyltaye [Tilty], Essex, widow, co-partners of the manor of Dorcet [Dasset], for £20 by them already paid, of all his lands, tenements, services and reversions in Byrton or Dorcett or either of them, with all deeds and writings relating thereto.

Warranty clause and covenant to levy fine.

Dated 9 February 1 Edward VI

Signed above seal by Anthony Cooke;
slits without tags or seals have respectively 'By me George Medeleye in the name off Syr Eduarde [space for slit] knyght' and 'By me George Medeleye in name of Marye danett widowe'

In 1521 Edward Belknap lord of the manor of Burton Dasset died, leaving as coheirs his four sisters: Alice, wife of William Shelley, Justice of Common Pleas; Anne, wife of Sir Robert Wotton; Elizabeth, wife of Philip Coke or Cooke; and Mary, wife of Gerald Danett. Alice died without issue, Sir Edward Wootton is the son of Anne, Anthony Cooke the grandson of Elizabeth and Mary the widow of Gerald. VCH, V, 70-71.