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Chesterton: early deeds


Grant by Robert, son of Odo to Henry Broke (del broc) and Constance his wife and their heirs, of two hides of land in the vill of Chesterton, with appurtenances, to hold of grant and heirs for due and accustomed services. Paying annually 20 shillings at two terms, viz 10shillings at Lady Day and 10s at Michaelmas, excepting only foreign service for the king. For which grant, and for the sealing thereof, Henry has paid half a mark in silver. Witnesses: Ralph, deacon of Harbury, Robert 'le megre', Robert of Chesterton ('cecerton), Guy ('Wido') of Chadshunt, Richard and Adam his sons, Robert Bissett, William of Harbury, Roger the bearded ('barba aplis') John, the clerk who made this deed, and others.