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Mason Family; Lease from Year to Year, Halford


Lease from year to year for the annual rent of £190 plus £50 per acre fro converted land between Thomas Mason of Stratford upon Avon on the first part and Mark Marshall and William Marshall of Halford, Warwickshire, yoeman. Property: newly erected farm houses, with barns, stables and outbuildings together with 186 acres of newly inclosed farm lands at halford now in the occupation of Mark Marshall and William Marshall; Orchard in the town of Halford being three acres formerly in the occupation of John Gibbs, deceased and now of the said Mark and William Marshall; Cottage in Halford formerly in the occupation of William Goddard and now of William Watkins. Conditions: Timber reserved for Thomas Mason with access for servants to cut and carry away. Mason to find wood for the repair of fences.