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Mason Family; Bargain and Sale, Millward to Mason


Bargain and sale for a consideratio of £2-10/- between Richard Millward of Stratford upon Avon only son of Richard Millward of the same, miller on the first part and Nathaniel Mason of Stratford upon Avon on the second part. Property: piece of garden groung in the borough of Stratford about 19' square which is intended shortly to be inclosed by the said Nathaniel Mason with a brick wall, being the west end of the garden belonging to the tenament where the said Richard Dwells. Abutted on the east by the rest of the said garden, one the west by garden ground now in the posession of Benjamin Court, on the noth by the backsides of the said Nathaniel Mason and on the south by the backside now in the posession of John Parker.