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Lease and Release, Clopton to Hunt


Lease and release for the consideration of £900 between Edward Clopton of Bridgetown, Warwickshire, esquire on the first part and Joseph Hunt of Stratford upon Avon, gentleman on the second part. Property: one yard land of arable with appurtenances lying dispersedly in theopen fields of Old Stratford, Welcombe, Shottery and Bishopton now in the posession of Joseph Hunt and William Roberts wheretofore purchased of Jackson Morrell and one yard land now in the posession of John Buran, maltster formerly purchased of one Watherton Hall and three closes of inclosed ground in the Manor of Clopton and open fields of Stratford upon Avon now in the occupatio of Thomas Harbridge, William Harbridge and William Horne heretofore purchased of William Hurdice, dyer, together with tithes of corn and grain; messuage and malthouse in Bishopton now in the posession of William Gibbs and three closes known as the Banks Grounds being 35 acres together with tithes; teo garlands belonging to the said messuage being dispersed within the common fields of Old Stratford, Welcombe and Bishopton, Shottery and Hampton Lucy, purchased of Simon Cale of Stratford, maltster, deceased. All were devised to the said Edward Clopton under the will of Sir Edward Walker, Knight with the exception of one yard land in the posession of Hunt and Roberts, purchased by Sir John Clpton from Jackson Morell for the use of the said Edward Clopton.