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Chesterton: early deeds


Grant by [Jordan: ms damaged] to Richard, son of Richard Baldwin of [ms damaged] for 26 shillings, of two acres of land, with [---] in the fields of Chesterton, of which half an acre lies on the furlong called ?Pattul between land of Thomas [----]; half an acre on the hethehurst with one headland of meadow in long moor, between the land which William [ms damaged] holds another half acre lies at ?Warnhullel beside land which John Broc holds, and the last half acre [ms illegilble]. to hold the same of grantor and heirs, paying annually a halfpenny at Christmas in lieu of all services. Warranty clause. Witnesses: Nicholas Venur of Lighthorne; John Broc; William Seymor; Thomas Fraunceys; Gilbert Har--