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Chesterton: early deeds


Grant by Roger Leye and Matilda his wife to William Leye, son of Sir Thomas Leye, knight, and Margery his wife, for the lives of the said William and Margery, of thirty eight acres of arable land in the fields of Kingston, with half a virgate and three quarters of a virgate of meadow in the fields of Kingston, with appurtenances; also pasture and appurtenances in Le Wolde; of which said acres, 17 lie in the field towards Lightburne (Lighthorne); 21 acres lie in the field towards Itchington; Grant also to the said William and Margery his wife John le K/Fys, former serf, with his family, chatells and half a virgate of land which the same John holds of grantors in villeinage, together with the meadow and all other appurtenances belonging to the said half virgate. Paying annually for all the above during their lives, one silver penny at Easter for all suit of court and service, excepting only foreign service for the king. For this grant, William has paid £10. Warranty clause. Witnesses: Gilbert Harpur of Chesterton; Richard Hedrich of the same; Geoffrey Ede of Harbury; John son of Simon of Kingston; John Beleynewyke/Belethuwyke; Richard Kent of Kingston; William Jacob of the same