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Chesterton: early deeds


Grant by Roger Leye of Kingston, with the assent and consent of Matilda his wife to Geoffrey, son of Robert Shepherd (bercarius) of Kingston,of two acres of arable land in the fields of Kingston, of which half an acre lies towards Holebroc, next land of Henry Bailiff (prepositus), one acre on the Wod furlong beside land of Roger Kyng; one rood on Wodland beside land of richard Kent; half an acre at Thudsciche/Yndsciche beside land of Roger Leye; one rood on Thomdliyt [?] beside land of Richard Kent; one rood on 'brhet' beside land of Henry Smith. To hold the same, paying annually one penny, at two terms in lieu of all services. For which grant Geoffrey has paid twelve shillings. Warranty clause Witnesses: John Fy---- of Kingston; James of the same place; Richard Kent of the same; William Seymour of Chesterton; Richard Thedriche of the same; Henry Baldwin of Chesterton.