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Chesterton: early deeds


Agreement between Walter of Elmdon and Gilbert of Chesterton, kinsmen and heirs of Robert Broke, whereby the said Walter grants to Gilbert his part of those lands in Chesterton which he holds by inheritance from Robert Broke; also a free tenement in the town of Huntingdon [in occupation of] Henry Grateley, with rents and eschaets; a customary holding in the town of 'Pylatershale' and all lands and tenements which came to him from Robert Broke. Payment is a pound of cumin annually at Michaelmas in lieu of all services. Witnesses: Nicholas de Alrew--; Thomas of Hamsted; William of Acton; Adam Park; Thomas Leye; Hugh Wych of Chadshunt; Nicholas Venur of Lighthorne; Hugh Noreys of Dasset Dated in the year of grace 1267 and 51 Henry son of King John

Walter and Gilbert [Harper] were cousins of Robert Broke, their mothers being sisters and daughters of Henry Broke