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Records of the Stratford-upon-Avon Bridgewardens


The Bridge Book, originally used solely by the Bridgewardens, but used later by the Corporation for miscellaneous surveys and memoranda The principal contents are pp. 1-2: list of Bridge rents pp. 3-41: accounts of the Bridgewardens, 1524-62 p. 45: `a certen survey of the counterpaynes of dyvers indentures nowe remayning in the chamber not yet exspired', 1 June 1569. Details of one lease only, concerning Sheep Street, dated 21 November 1555 pp. 47-60: survey of Corporation property, January 1598, with later alterations including the addition of William Shakespeare's name as a lessor of the tithes, c. 1612. The survey is printed in 'Minutes and Accounts of the Stratford-upon-Avon Corporation', vol. 5, pp. 124-132 p. 61: `rentes due and payeable to the almesfolkes', undated p. 62: Copy of a gift, 4 April 1555, from Richard Lord to the Corporation of a close of land between Mill Lane and Evesham Lane, to hold according to uses declared in his last will (annexed as a schedule), viz. to distribute the income amongst 24 poor almsfolk pp. 63-4: copy of a lease, 19 May 1555, of the said close to John Lord, butcher pp. 65-7: copy of a reinfeoffment of the said close, 4 January 1595 pp. 69-110: survey of Corporation property (tenancy details), August 1614, with later entries pp. 115-139: similar survey, January 1627, with later entries pp. 141-65: similar survey, December 1653, with later entries pp. 169-81: similar survey, March 1675, with later entries pp. 225-30: (in reverse): orders of the Company of Bakers, 20 May 1598

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