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Compton Verney: early deeds


Feoffment by William, earl of Warwick to Roger Murdac, son of Roger Murdac of Compton with all its appurtenances, which Robert Murdac, father of Roger, held of grantor in fee and heredity, for homage and relief when due, and for the service of one knight.

To hold to said Roger with all rights and liberties accustomed form grantor and heirs for the aforesaid services.

William Giffard;
Hugh of Arden;
Robert son of Odo;
Robert of Curlieu;
Roger of 'Olli';
Walter Cumin;
Robert of St Clare;
William Giffard;
Roger son of Ralph;
Geoffrey Murdac;
Geoffrey of St Maur;
Lernas ,monk;
William of St Pierre;
Henry Vilers;
Henry of Lodbroke;
Adlard Marchal ('marescaldus') and others