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Chesterton: early deeds


Grant by William Whyche of Chesterton to Margery Legh, of one acre of land in the fields of Chesterton: of which half lies upon 'le Studhill' between land of Sir Thomas Pipe and Robert Franceys; and the other half lies in 'Myddelforlong' between land of said Sir Thomas Pipe and Simon Bockendon (Bocyndon). To hold the siad acre with appurtenant easements, to the said Margery and her heirs in perpetuity of the chief lord of the fee, for services due and accustomed. Warranty clause Witnesses: Nicholas de Guldeford, parson of Chesterton; Thomas Pipe, parson of Ashow (Ayssesho); Thomas Stamded of Chesterton; Richard Sowe of [ms damaged: Chesterton]; Thomas Mareschal of the same; Hugh Loges of the same; William Jacob of Kingston; Thomas Kent of the same.

Nicholas Guldeford was instituted to Chesterton in 1296. (Dugdale, p. 480)