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Warwick, Woodcote, Baddesley Clinton and Coten End


Confirmation by William Pauy son and heir of Thomas Pauy of Warwyk' to John Pauy of Warwyk' of lands, rents, tenements, with woods, meadows, pastures, feedings and all other appurtenances in Warwyk', Wodecote, Baddesleye and Coton' [Coten End] which were granted to the said John by Hugh Pyrmon clerk, Robert Waldene of Warwyk' and William Fyfhuyde of Henleye. Sealing clause. Witnesses: Robert Broum; William de le Chambre; Thomas Rodye; John Heukyns; William Borton' and others. Given at Warwyk' Saturday next after the feast of St. Mathew the Apostle 12 Richard II [26 September 1388]. Circular seal of red wax on tag. 1/2 in. A stag lodged Endorsed: 1. [In a 16th century hand] De terris in Warr' Woddecot et in Baddusley quondam Johannis Pavy 2. [In a late 16th century hand] Deade of Confirmacon from Willm' Pavye to John Pavye of lande [sic] [50/4]