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Release of Claim for Money: Halford


Deed Poll under the hands and seals of Francis Wodhull of Fenford, co. Northants., gent., Anthony Ayrey of Tusmore, co. Oxon., Judith Bathurst of Chipping Warden, co. Northants., spinster, Christopher Ward of Warmington, clothworker, Lucy East of Weston under Wetherley, spinster, Thomas Kimber of Holywell, co. Oxon., gent., Lawrence Lord Fritwell, co. Oxon., gent., Jacob Horton of Halford, gent., and Philip Gardner, late of Halford, gent., (reciting ER3/2282-2283, whereby the premises described in ER3/2265 were conveyed to trustees in trust to sell and to discharge debts owing to the persons above-mentioned and also in a schedule attached to ER3/2283; reciting that the sale of the premises had taken place) that they had received the sums owing to them and thereby discharged the said Trustees for sale and Arthur Rowney (the purchaser) for payment of the several debts; and the said Philip Gardner thereby released to Arthur Rowney, Richard Kilby and Ambrose Holbech all his claim for any residue of the purchase money. Witnesses: William Halford, James Nicholson, Gorst Sheppard, William Raynold, Lawrence Lord junior, Richard Bennett, Sibbell Rowney, Edmund Mason, Richard Spicer, John Lemington, William East, Henry Parsons, Thomas Losenby, Charles Whitegrave, William Stratford and John Thorpe.