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Lease and Release:The Sweetings (London), Hayes, Halloughton in Kingsbury and Nether Whitacre, Kenilworth and Coventry


Indentures of Lease and Release dated 23 24 March 1739/40 (Old style) [1740], between Sir Robert Clifton of Clifton, co. Notts., Bart., Dame Hannah Clifton, his wife and Mary Turner Lombe (which said Dame Hannah Clifton and Mary Turner Lombe were the daughters and co-heiresses of Sir Thomas Lombe, late Knight and Alderman of the city of London, deceased) of the first part, Dame Elizabeth Lombe, widow and executrix of the will of the said Sir Thomas Lombe, of the second part, John Bird of the city of Coventry, esq. of the third part, Sarah Complin of the parish of St. Giles, Oxford, widow and Thomas Trott of the parish of All Hallowes, Barking, London, cabinet-maker of the fourth part, and Alexander Whitchurch of the parish of St. Bennett Fink, London, gent. of the fifth part (reciting ER3/2218 and the death of Sir Thomas Lombe, and that John Bird had given notice to Dame Elizabeth Lombe that he desired to pay off the mortgage of £3,000 described in ER3/2218, and that Sarah Complin and Thomas Trott had agreed to pay to Dame Elizabeth Lombe £1,500 each), whereby it was witnessed that Sir Robert Clifton and Dame Hannah his wife and Mary Turner Lombe, at the direction of John Bird and with the consent of Dame Elizabeth Lombe, assigned the mortgage described in ER3/2218 in hereditaments in London, Halloughton, Kenilworth and Coventry, more particularly therein described, to Alexander Whitchurch in Trust for Sarah Complin and Thomas Trott (as security of the two sums of £1,500 lent by them). Endorsed with memoranda, dated 15 September 1751, being receipts for £1,000 by Thomas Trott to John Bird, and of £1,500 by Sarah Complin to John Bird, by the hands of Thomas Dumford, citizen and pinmaker of London, who purchased from John Bird the hereditaments in London.

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    23 Mar 1740-15 Sep 1751

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