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Collections of Reverend J. Harvey Bloom


f.1 Abstracts of deeds relating to Atherstone-on-Stour f.2 Field names of Atherstone Farm, Ailstone Farm, Atherstone-on-Stour ff.3-4 Appointment by Ann Bullock, widow and her daughter Ann Bullock, spinster and Katherine Bullock, spinster, all of Spier Hill, Berks., of Catten Rohde of Well Clare Sq., Middx., esq., as attorney re estate of Francis Brownsword Bullock of Ardington, Berks., esq., in Atherstone, Clifford Chambers and Ailstone, 25th July 1797 ff.5-6 Notes re the Sheldon family of Beoley, Worcs., Weston Park in Long Compton, Warwickshire. Early 19th century. f.7 Abstract of title, 1613-1705, relating to the Rimell family of Brailes, Warwickshire of James and John Rymell to the moiety of a yard land in Nether Brailes called Dodfolds, with counsel's opinion, 3rd October 1705 ff.8-10 Abstracts of deeds in conveyance from Thomas Evans and others to William Sheldon of lands etc., in Brailes, 1761 f.11 Contemporary copy of the will of Lady Elizabeth Russell, widow of Sir John of Strensham, Worcs., Knt., deceased. 23rd October 1621 f.12 List of Landholders relating to Ardens Grafton, 1740 f.13 List of field names relating to Ardens Grafton, 1740 ff.14-16a. Illus., and abstracts of deeds relating to Burmington ff.17-20 Extracts from Parish registers, relating to Butlers Marston, Warwickshire. 1539-1764 f.21 Abstracts of deeds relating to Caldecote f.22 Abstract of deed of Thelsford Priory, Charlecote, 1452 ff.23,26,27 Notes of court rolls for Cherrington, 17th-18th c. ff.24,25,27 Abstracts of deeds relating to Cherrington ff.29-40 Extracts of Parish registers relating to Cherrington, 1540-1811. Worcs. Parish registers, f.33 ff.40a-56 Abstracts of deeds relating to Chesterton, 1550-1707 f.54v Notes on the Willoughby family of Compton Verney, Warwickshire. ff.57-64 Notes and abstract of deed relating to Chesterton, c.1180-1200 ff.65-66 Abstracts of deeds relating to Claverdon, Warwickshire ff.67-74 Abstracts of deeds relating to Clopton, Stratford-upon-Avon, 13th -17th c. ff.67v, 74v-78 Notes etc., relating to Clopton House, Clopton, Stratford-upon-Avon, re heraldry, fabric, pictures, owners ff.74-78 Notes on house and owners etc., relating to Sir Arthur Hodgson of Clopton House, Clopton. ff.74v-78 Notes on heraldry etc., relating to the Clopton family of Clopton, Stratford-upon-Avon f.78 Notes on the Manor in Clopton, Stratford-upon-Avon ff.80-81 Extracts of Bishops transcripts relating to Combrook, Warwickshire, 1608-1640, 1663-1699 ff.82-89 Transcript of marriages relating to Combrook, Warwickshire, 1716-1786 f.90 Extracted copy of the will of John Jones of Little Compton, Glos., [now Warwickshire] clerk. Reference to land called the Green End in Brailes, 11th December 1750. Probate: 27th March 1755 ff.92,93 Extracts of baptisms relating to Combrook, Warwickshire, 1715-1801 f.93 Extracts of burials relating to Combrook, Warwickshire, 1701-1779 f.94 Abstracts of deeds relating to Combrook, Warwickshire. Worcs. Parish registers, ff. 28, 109 f.95 Notes on the manor house etc., of Compton Scorpion, Ilmington, Warwickshire. f.96 Notes re silver seal of Thomas de Compton (temf. Edward III), found near Compton Wyniates, Warwickshire in 1845. Archaeologia, vol.43, pp,66-68 ff.97-101 Abstracts of deeds relating to Compton Verney, Warwickshire ff.101v.-148 Notes etc., plus pedigrees of the Verney family, Barons Willoughby de Broke, of Compton Verney, Warwickshire, incl., related families, viz: Willoughby ( ff.117-120), Stafford ff.102-148 Pedigree and notes, etc., including related families relating to Verney family of Compton Verney, Warws, Barons Willoughby de Broke (ff.103,107,123,131-134) Stewart (f.108) Heath f.109) Pointz (ff.110-111) Breton (112-114) Acton (f.115) Clanrowe (f.115) FitzNicol (f.116) Beke (f.117) Roscelyn (f.117) Bertie (f.120) Ufford (f.121) Valoines (f.121) Blund (f.121) Nevill (f.122) Cheney (f.123) Maltravers (f.124) Champernowne (f.124) Eston (f.125) Verney family and related families viz: Beauchamp (ff.125-126) Barnard (f.127) Peyton (ff.129-130) Greville (ff.54v,101v,ff.137-141) ff.141-142 Attested probate copy of the will of Susanna Jones, widow of John Jones of Brailes. 24th April 1746. Proved: 19th May 1750 ff.142-146 Letters re Verney pedigrees ff.147-148 Notes re Verney pedigrees by Richard Savage ff.149-151 Abstracts of deeds etc., relating to Coughton