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Draft Conveyance: Danzey Green and Tanworth-in-Arden


Draft Conveyance by John Branston Freer of Stratford-upon-Avon, esquire (and his Mortgagees) to George Frederick Muntz of Umberslade, Tanworth, esquire of a messuage with barns stables yards and appurtenances together with several parcel of pasture called :- Little Lilly Hill (2 acres, 1 rood and 12 perches), Lilly Coppice (2a-0r-13p), Lilly Meadow (4a-0r-33p), Great Lilly Hill (4a-2r-37p), Lower Barnett (9a-3r-36p), Round Meadow (3a-2r-21p), Upper Barnett (4a-3r-27p), Long Croft (8a-1r-27p), Short Croft (3a-1r-33p), Great Stoney Field (5a-3r-39p), Little Stoney Field (3a-3r-18p), Margaret's Orchard (2a-0r-13p), Home Meadow, House Orchard and Garden (5a-3r-32p) and Broad land (7a-3r-39p) making in the whole 69a-2r-20p situate in a place called Danzey Green in the Parish of Tanworth together with certain parcels of arable landing Tanworth called the Barn Yards containing 27a-3r-33p, and some allotments made in pursuance of the Tanworth Inclosure Act. All which premises are described in a schedule and map thereto. See also ER3/3991.

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