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Deeds and associated papers: land on Birmingham Road


Original bundle of deeds relating to land on the Birmingham Road in Stratford-upon-Avon, in folder entitled: "Flower Sons, Limited. Title Deeds of 2 houses adjoining Brewery" and various deletions: 1-2. Lease and counterpart lease for fourteen years from the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses of Stratford to Thomas Smith of Stratford, butcher, of a piece of land of 5 acres 3 roods and 4 perches, bounded on the northward side by the turnpike road leading from Stratford to Birmingham, 23rd May 1853. 3. Conveyance from the Mayor, Aldermen and Burgesses with the approbation of the Lords Commissioners of H. M. Treasury, to Edward Fordham Flower of Stratford, common brewer, in consideration of £1025, of a piece of arable land containing 5 acres and 19 perches in Old Stratford, now or late in the occupation of William Hall, fronting the turnpike road leading from Stratford to Brimingham, and adjoining the railway station, being part of land of 73 acres 19 perches awarded to the Corporation on enclosure in 1775, 2nd May 1860. 4. Abstract of title of Edward Fordham Flower to the land described in no.3 (1553-1860) 1862. 5-6. Mortgage to secure £2000 and interest from Edward F. Flower of Stratford, gent., to Ann Sarjeant of Stratford, widow, John Sarjeant of Great Rollright, Oxon, farmer, and Daniel Sarjeant of Long Itchington, farmer, of the above piece of land with all that malthouse, kilns, and the two cottages lately erected and built on part of the land, 24th September 1862. With, on dorse, following the deaths of Ann and John Sarjeant, the transfer of the mortgage from Daniel Sarjeant to Maria Sarjeant of Birmingham, spinster, 14th January 1870. Receipt for interest due to Mrs Sarjeant's trustees, May 1869. 7. Conveyance from Edward F. Flower of Stratford, esq., to Charles Edward Flower and Edgar Flower of Stratford, trading together as common brewers, under the style of Flower and Sons, in consideration of £1081, of the above property, with all the buildings thereon, subject to the mortgage, 30th November 1869. 8-9. Reconveyance from Maria Sarjeant to CEF and EF of the property on payment of the mortgage principal, 20th December 1872, with receipt from Slatter's for Maria Sarjeant of even dating. 10. Copy of unsigned receipt for the deeds of two houses adjoining the Brewery, from Whitbread Flowers Ltd., 1979.