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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Letter of Attorney by the Honourable Thomas Coventry of North Mymmes, Hertfordshire, esquire appointing Gerard Scott of North Mymmes aforesaid, his servant and Samuel Merricke of Snitterfield, husbandman, his attornies to receive seisin of the Manors etc. of Snitterfield and Luscombe with appurtenances then granted by Dame Elizabeth Hales to the said Thomas Coventry. Signed: Thomas. Coventrye. Seal wax enclosed in paper, impression of Coventry Crest? Witnesses: by Fra. Luttrell, Geo. Nayle and Simon Robins. Endorsed upon back with Memorandum dated 8th February 1670 that John Lax, gentleman, by virtue of a Letter of Attorney made to him and Edward. Owen, gentleman by Lady Elizabeth Hales, widow by Indenture dated 20th October 1669, and of this Letter of Attorney under the hand and seal of Thomas Coventry did deliver seisin to the above named Gerard Scott and Samuel Merricke of the Manors etc. of Snitterfield. Signed: John Lax and Gerard Scott, and by the mark of Samuel Merricke. Witnesses: John Wagstaffe, Tho. Wagstaffe, Stephen Stanton, John Parnell and John Meades.