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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture between Philip Leigh of Testwood, Southampton, esquire of the 1st part, Stephen Hales of Snitterfield, esquire of the 2nd part, Martyn Holbecke of Clements Inne, Middlesex, gentleman of the 3rd part, and Thomas Wyse of Warwick, gentleman of the 4th part whereby Philip Leigh conveyed the annuity of £10 issuing out of the Manor of Snitterfield (referred to in DR38/31) to Thomas Wyse to the intent that he might be tenant in a Recovery to be suffered and it was thereby agreed that Martyn Holbecke should before the end of the Easter Term then next ensuing bring a Writ of Entry sur Disseisin en le post against Thomas Wyse for the said annuity and that Thomas Wyse should vouch to Warranty Philip Leigh etc. for the docking and barring of all reversions and estates tail, which Recovery should enure to the use and behoof of Stephen Hales and his heirs for ever in consideration of £160 paid by Stephen Hales to the said Philip Leigh. Signed: Philip Leigh, Stephen Hales, Martyn Holbecke and Tho. Wyse. Seal, red wax no impressions. Witnesses: by Math Holbecke, Theod. Grene and Fra. Webb.