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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture between Bartholomew Hales of Snitterfield, esquire of the 1st part, Sir Thomas Greisley of Drakelowe, Derbyshire, knight and Wyllam Combe of Warwick, esquire of the 2nd part, and Sir Christopher Hales of Newlands in the County and City of Coventry, knight, and Stephen John Hales (sons of the said Sir Christopher Hales) of the 3rd part, reciting that Bartholomew Hales was seised in fee of the Manor of Snitterfield with the members thereof called Commins and Bearley, and of other lands in the said Manor called Luscombe Farm with appurtenances. Also part of the Tithe of the said Manor and divers other lands there and elsewhere in the County of Warwick, and being desirous of confirming such lands as he had theretofore conveyed for the Joynture of Katherine Hales his wife for her life as also to stay the said hereditaments in the heirs of his body begotten. And also intending to appoint divers leases estates for lives or years to be made as well by the said Bartholomew Hales as by the persons of the 2nd 3rd parts, or their survivors to such persons as Bartholomew Hales by deed inter vivos or by will should demise or appoint and also purposing that several sums or yearly rents should be paid out of the said hereditaments as he should by deed or will appoint to be paid after his death and further proposing that after such leases etc. demised or granted and such sums paid, that the inheritance of all the said hereditaments should come and remain to the heirs of his body, or by any of his kindred or surname to whom it should be limited. Did for the conditions aforesaid and for the natural love and affection to Sir Charles Hales (he being Cousin Jermaine on the part of his father) as also for Stephen and John Hales, sons of the said Sir Charles Hales, as also for John Hales of Keresley (Cousin Jermaine on part of his father) covenanted with the persons of the 2nd 3rd part to convey to them by fine or other assurance the above mentioned premises and hereditaments to such uses as thereafter were expressed, and all fines and assurances should enure to such uses there after expressed that is to say all levels as were assured to any persons for Joynture for the life of Lady Katherine - that is to say the capital messuage at Snitterfield with appurtenances, land called The Parke, Parke Pitts, New Buildings, Newe Leasowe sometime called Burnt Hills, Griswoll's Close, Chamberlen's Close, Turvill Meadow, Barley Close, Hillocks Meadow, Copeleyes Hill together with all meadowinge (common of pasture) in Broad Meadow (except 45 poles in the said Broad Meadow) together with tithes in Snitterfield,Bearley and the Olds (Wolds) and one Grove called the Little Grove lienge nexte unto the towne to the use of Bartholomew Hales and Katherine his wife and the heirs male of their bodies begotten, and in default of such issue then to the use that the Will of Bartholomew Hales might be executed and purport, and that all leases, annuities etc. made during his lifetime might be performed, thereafter to the use of Stephen Miles and the heirs male of his body begotten and in default similar remainders to John Hales son of Charles Hales, and John Hales of Keresley successively. Also to have and to hold all other hereditaments above mentioned but not assured for the Joynture of Dame Katherine to the same premises to the use of Bartholomew Hales and the heirs male of his body begotten thereafter to uses in the same order as expressed above. Signed: Bart Hales, Ch. Hales, J. Hales and Jno. Hales. Seal of red wax, three vertical arrows pointing downwards. Witnesses: Ambrose Sheldon, George Wakefield, Joseph Hyde, W. Sheldon, John Bugge, William Symmons, Richard Johnson and Ed. Whitheade.