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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture between Stephen Hales of Snitterfield, esquire of the 1st part, Richard Hardres of Great Hordres, Kent, baronet and Sir William Ingram of Little Castle, Yorks., knight of the 2nd part, and Thomas Hardres of the City of Canterbury, esquire of the 3rd part, whereby Stephen Hales, in performance of a covenant contained in an Indenture of Agreement made prior to his marriage with Elizabeth Hales, dated 13th December 1650 covenanted with Sir Richard Hardres, Sir William Ingram and Thomas Hardres that he would levy a fine before Michaelmas Term then next of the Manor of Snitterfield, Bearley Comins and Luscombe with appurtenances, also the messuages, mansion houses, cottages, demesne lands, arable and pasture lands etc. and all commons, profits to the said Manor belonging and all that farm called Luscombe, also a piece of land called New Leasow containing 150 acres and also all other the mansions, messuages, tythes, lands etc. of Stephen Hales situate at Snitterfield, Bearley, Comins, Luscombe, Fulbrooke and Le Heath to the use of Thomas Hordres, to the intent that a common recovery might be suffered in which Sir Richard Hardres tenant and Sir William Ingram might be demandants, Thomas Hardres tenant and Stephen Hales Vouchee to the use of Stephen Hales for life and thereafter as to the Manor House of Snitterfield and lands called the two Great Parks and Frumills, the farm of Luscombe, pasture lands part of Comins then in the possession of Symon Cale, lands called Poole Park Pitts and Little Park Pitts, a cottage then in the occupation of John Allen, pasture land part of the Commins in the possession of William Bayles, messuages and land in the possession of Edward Bayliffe, John Herbage and William Bayliffe respectively, a cottage and close called Bearley Close in the occupation of Henry Corbett, messuages in the several occupations of John Gooderich gentleman and William Carr, messuages with appurtenances called Two Parke Pitts and 11 poles in land called Broad Meadow, also Tithes of Snitterfield, and lands called Grisolds, yard and half yard lands in the possession of William Mayds and Jno. Mayds of the Brooke and lands called Broad Meadow, Burnthills and the other Park Pitts and messuages in the several possessions of William Browne, John Hill, Thomas Horne and William Maides together with lands etc., also lands called Bearley Groves containing 80 acres, also lands then in the possession of Thomas Bracey with others called Hillock Meadow then in the possession of Henry Collis together with all chief rents, tithes etc. to the use of Elizabeth Hales in bar dower, remainder to the first and other sons successively in tail mode and in default to daughters equally, remainder to Stephen Hales in fee. And to the residue more particularly described therein, to the use of the first and other sons successively in tail mode of the marriage. In consideration of his, the said Stephen Hales, marriage with Elizabeth only daughter of James Hales of Canterbury knight and £3000 paid by James Hales as a marriage portion pursuant to a covenant made in and Indenture dated 13th December 1650 in contemplation of the marriage. Signed: Ste Hales, W. Ingram and R. Hardres. Seals missing. Witnesses: January. Hales, Thorseley Hardres, Nath. Holbecke, John Pelham, the marks of Mary M. Best, Thomas Smith, Arthur Cayley, Eliz. Hales, Doro. Dun and John Chestine.