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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture under the hand and seal of Richard Whitle of Bradley, Worcestershire, husbandman. Reciting that the Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry was seised of two parts in four parts to be divided of the Rectory Impropriate of Snitterfield whereof the chancel of the Parish Church as parcel and that the said Richard Whitle was seised of an 1/8th part of the said Rectory Impropriate and that Thomas Lord Coventry had agreed from thenceforth to repayre and maintain the said chancel and to free and discharge Richard Whitle from all charges arising from the same chancel. It was witnessed that Richard Whitle in consideration of the recited agreement released to the said Thomas Lord Coventry his 1/8th share in the said chancel and the said Thomas Lord Coventry covenanted to pay all taxes, outgoings then arising from the said chancel. Signed by the mark of Richard Whitle. Seal of red wax. Witnesses: Tho. Rawlins, Edm. Page and Edmd. Rawlins.