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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture of Mortgage dated 1st February 1668 between Sir Stephen Hales of Snitterfield, Knight of the Honourable Order of the Bath and Dame Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Hardres of Canterbury, esquire of the 1st part, Sir James Rushout of Maylands Green, Essex, baronet of the 2nd part, and Thomas Mayhew of London, gentleman of the 3rd part whereby the capital messuage with appurtenances lately in the occupation of John Tue and then of Sir Stephen Hales, also lands called the Parkes and Turvills containing 93 acres, 2roods and 33 perches, also the Upper Park Pitts (adjoining Galley Hill) containing 11a-2r-10p, also Little Park Pitts containing 5a-3r-16p, also Poole Park Pitts containing 26a-2r-20p, also Little Coppice Park Pitts containing 1a-0r-20p, also West Nether Park Pitts containing 13a-2r-0p, also East Nether Park Pitts (adjoining to a place called the Grove) containing 20a-3r-0p, which last mentioned parcels contain in the whole 79a-1r-26p then in the several occupations of John Meades, William Meades and William Patchett, also the messuage called Luscombe Farm House and appurtenances containing 1a-0r-36p, also lands called the Home Close containing 7a-1r-0p, Churchill containing 28a-1r-0p, Hill Top Close containing 10a-3r-14p, Homeward Stubble Close containing 10a-2r-16p, Further Stubble Close containing 7a-0r-35p, Pike Close containing 18a-2r-16p, the Little Meadow containing 7a-3r-10p, Long Meadow containing 10a-3r-0p, the Moore Meadow containing 3a-0r-20p and Luscombe Close containing 32a-1r-0p, all of which last mentioned parcels contained in the whole 140a-3r-30p in the occupation of Robert Meades, also a messuage and farm house with appurtenances called Le Heath containing in all 4a-0r-26p, also the farm called Le Heath including lands called Oxe Close (3a-3r-6p), Barne Close (10a-1r-6p), the Meadow (7a-2r-20p), Nether Ham (6a-2r-0p), Smiths Close (8a-3r-10p), Upper Ham (12a-0r-18p), several closes called the Red Hills containing 45a-3r-20p, lands called Baxter's Farm containing 4 acres, all of which last mentioned lands contain 103a-0r-26p then in the occupation of Sir Stephen Hales and Humphrey Wheatley, also lands called Brent Hill being part of Broad Meadow containing 171 acres then in the several occupations of Sir Stephen Hales, William Carr and Samuel Merrick, also a cottage, appurtenances and yard land containing 10 acres, also Barley Close (5a-3r-0p) in the occupation of Hy. Corbett, all of which lands were situate in the Manors of Snitterfield, Bearley, Comins, Luscombe, Fulbrooke and Le Heath were mortgaged by Sir Stephen Hales, Elizabeth his wife and Thomas Hardres to Sir James Rushout for £2000. The persons of the 1st part covenanting with Sir James Rushout to levy a fine to Thomas Mayhew, to the use of Sir James Rushout for 500 years, subject to the proviso for redemption. Remainder to the use of Sir Stephen Hales for life. Remainder to the use of Dame Elizabeth for life. Remainder to the use of the right heirs of Sir Stephen and Dame Elizabeth. Signed: Ste. Hales, Eliz. Hales, Thos. Handres and Tho. Mayhew. Seals of red wax, impressions not visible. Witnesses: by Robert Lovett, Peter Clayton, Charles Wolseley, Walton Man, Jo. Whitfield, Henry Chelsey, John Maris (servant to Henry Chelsey), Thomas. Aubrey, Peter Clayton (servant to the said Sir Stephen).