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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Two copies of Grant by King Edward VI to Kenelm Throckmorton, Clement Throckmorton and John Throckmorton, of the Manor and Lordship of Wollavington, Somerset with appurtenances, formerly parcel of possessions of Edward, Duke of Somerset, and also all messuages, edifices, granges, mills, tofts, cottages, dovehouses, gardens, orchards, meadows, pastures, commons, wastes, furze, heath, meres, marshes, woods, underwoods, rents reversions, services, Knight's fees, advowsons, deodands, wardship, marriage, encheats, relief, heriots fines, courts leet and View of Frankpledge and all assizes of bread and wine, goods of felons and fugitives, treasure trove, free warren, privileges and profits of the same manor of Wollavington. Also all those messuages called or known by the name of Beaumonts Wayles (alias Vales) and Prest Croft in Tanworth, Warwickshire and all those messuages, lands etc. with appurtenances in several occupations of Hy Balamy, Richard Edwards, Nicholas Wyan, John Wheler, Thomas Swanne, John Cotterell, Christopher Shakespeare, Richard Westcote, Hen Hunte, John Bedell and William Harington or their assigns, and those lands etc. situate in Tanneworth (Tanworth) formerly land of the Chantry of All Saints in Tanworth, also messuages, land and hereditaments called Kyngestons, Crofts Wynstones, Wayrings Joyntors, Umthill, Hoddes, Carpenter's Tenement, Byrche Croft, Browne's Liberties, Masons Stonelande, Tappinges, Copes Tenement, Caswell Maydowe and Grynhill situate in Tanworth, Aspley and Wootton Wawen. Also all those messuages etc. then or lately in the several occupations of John Fulwood senior, John Turner, John Fulwood junior, Robert Tailor, William Averall, Johanna Holyok, John Paycock, John Mare, Baldwin Hunte, Thomas Cotterell, John Barton, Thomas Anderton, Thomas Grene, William Ede, Ed. Hollyok, William Griffithe, Robert Wheler, Hy. Hunt, John Browne, Thomas Fletcher, Baldwin ......., John Estowe, John Wateley, Thomas Swanne and John Johnson lying in the Parishes of Tanworth, Aspley and Wootton Wawen and all messuages, lands and hereditaments whatsoever in the said parishes formerly parcels of the Chantry of the Blessed Virgin in Tanworth and all those annual rents of 4 pence, 18 pence, 4 pence, and 4 pence with services appertaining to each, all formerly parcel of the possessions of the former Chantry of Lapworth and issuing out of certain lands and tenements in Lapworth and Tanworth in the respective occupations of Bartholomew Chambers, William Payne, John Dolphin and William Collett. Also those two crofts called Budefelds in Tanworth and Lapworth aforesaid formerly parcel of the premises of the said Chantry of Lapworth and in the occupation of John Inman. Also all lands, hereditaments with appurtenances situate in Lapworth and Tanworth aforesaid formerly parcel of possessions of the said Chantry of Lapworth. Also all that close and one parcel of meadow with appurtenances in Salteley and Little Bromwich then or lately in the occupation of Richard Brandwood or his assign formerly belonging to the first Chantry of Brymycham now dissolved and all other messuages lands and hereditaments etc. whatsoever in Salteley and Little Bromwich. Also all that Rectory of Snitterfield and the advowson and right of patronage to the Vicarage of Snitterfield with appurtenances, formerly parcel of possessions of the Priory of St. Sepulchre in Warwick now dissolved and all buildings, barns, stables, gardens, lands, glebes, tithes of grain and corn, and all other tithes, commodities, emoluments and hereditaments belonging thereto whatsoever with appurtenances parcel of the said Rectory. Also all that messuage situate within the liberties of the former Chapel of St. Martin le Grand in the Parish of St. Martin, Foster Lane in London, then or late in the occupation of George Hayes, formerly parcel of possessions of Richard Pate attainted of High Treason, and all buildings, shops, cellars, halls, entrances, exits and other commodities etc. whatsoever appertaining to the said messuages. Also those three messuages then or formerly in the occupations of Robert Smalwood, Roger Browne and Philip Lentall situate in Westminster, formerly parcel of the possessions of the Cathedral there. Also a tenement called Le Aumershouse with one garden to the same situate at Westminster. Also a tenement called the Brotherhouse situate at Le Almerey, Westminster, both formerly parcel of the possessions of the Cathedral of Westminster and a messuage formerly in the tenure of Thomas Offorde in Westminster, formerly parcel of possessions of the College of St. Stephen, Westminster then dissolved, also that close called Cannon Meadow then or lately in the tenure of Jno. Hokyn lying in Repingdon, Derbyshire formerly parcel of possessions of the Priory of Repingdon. Also all manner of trees and other profits and emoluments growing in the said premises. And the said hereditaments were to be enjoyed in as ample a manner and form as the said former Duke of Somerset and any Abbot, Abbess, Prior or Prioress, Encumbant etc. of any former Chapelry or Chantry had done etc. All which premises were of the clear annual value of £74-6-4.