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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Attested Copy indenture dated 6th January 1783 between the Right Honourable George Coventry commonly called Lord Viscount Deerhurst, eldest son and heir apparent of the Right Honourable George William, Earl of Coventry of the 1st part, Peggy Pitches of Streatham, Surrey, spinster, one of the daughters of Sir Abraham Pitches, knight, of the same place of the 2nd part, and the Reverend Edward Embry of the Parish of St. Paul, Covent Garden, Middlesex, clerk and James Graham of Lincoln's Inn, Middlesex, gentleman of the 3rd part. Reciting that a marriage had been agreed upon between the said Lord Deerhurst and Peggy Pitches and that the said Lord Deerhurst by virtue of the Will of Henry Coventry dated the 4th May 1752 (see DR38/71) and the Act of Parliament of 30 George II was seised of the hereditaments in the Counties of Worcester, Gloucester and Warwick as tenant in tail expectant on the death of George William, Earl of Coventry, and that in the marriage treaty it had been agreed to suffer a Common Recovery of such hereditaments. It was witnessed that the said Lord Deerhurst covenanted for himself, his heirs, Executors and Administrators etc. that if he should survive his father, he would within three months suffer such Recovery to the use of himself for life, remainder to the use that Peggy Pitches should, if she survived him receive an annuity of £600 in lieu of dower, to the use of the persons of the 3rd part for a term of 500 years to secure such annuity. Remainder to such use of such persons as he Lord Deerhurst should by deed inter vivos or by Will appoint, to the use of the right heirs of the said Lord Deerhurst, and executed by the said Lord Deerhurst and Peggy Pitches and witnessed by Edw. Embry and Penelope Pitches. Attested copy made 24th June 1816 by Robert Giles Ibbs, clerk to Messrs. Graham Co., Lincoln's Inn and Jas. Evett of No. 1, Red Lion Passage, Red Lion Square.