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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture between the Right Honourable George, Earl of Coventry, first son of George William, Earl of Coventry, deceased of the one part and William Bentham of Gower Street, Bedford Square, Middlesex, esquire of the other part. Reciting DR38/108, being a Recovery suffered upon Lord Coventry's Estate at Snitterfield, Wm Domville being demandant and Reciting DR38/114-118 whereby Thos Graham, Trustee of the said Earl conveyed to Wm Bentham by way of mortgage, the property referred to therein (being shortly all the estate right of title of the said Earl to the Manor of Snitterfield, Bearley etc. with apurtainents, and all hereditaments of any kind belonging to him theerin except a tenement and garden and piece of meadow ground adjoining containing 1a-3r-6p, formerly called widow Dodles except ALSO a close of pasture called Aston Meadow in the occupation of Geo Thos Wright containing 8a-1r-15p except ALSO all manner of tithes payable to the said Earl out of any tenements in Snitterfield, Bearley etc except ALSO a coppice containing 42 acres in Bearley and a meadow in the same place in the occupation of Wm Horseman subject to proviso for redemption upon payment of mortgage sum of £30,000 and reciting that it was doubted whether at the time of suffering of the said Recovery the Legal Estate was vested in John Thompson of Newman Street in the Parish of St Mary le Bowe, Middlesex, esq. who after the suffering of the Recovery and before the Indentures of 14th 15th February 1810 (see DR38/109-DR38/118) conveyed all his estate in the said premises to the said Earl and his heirs for ever and reciting that in order to remove such doubts another Recovery had been suffered (DR38/121) and Reciting DR38/121 and DR38/122, it was thereby witnessed that the Recovery described in No 1 as to all premises except those excepted by DR38/114-118 (which excepted premises are recited herein) should enure to the use of Wm. Bentham subject to the proviso for redemption and as TO ALL excepted premises to use of such persons as the said Earl should by deed or will appoint, remainder to use of the said Earl for life upon trust that any wife of his should be barred of Dower out of the premises limited to Wm. Bentham remainder to use of said Earl and his heirs for ever. Signed: Coventry and Wm. Bentham. Seals: 1) Coventry Crest, 2) head of man. Witnesses: Geo Kinderley, Wm. Wybergh How of 6 Lincolns Inn, Edmund Wells Oldaker and Betaler Chernocke Smith of 6, Lincoln's Inn.