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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indentures of Fine and Counterpart made in the Quindene of Easter 1816 before Vicary Gibbs, Robert Dallas, James Allan Park and Charles Abbott, Justices and afterwards on the morrow of the Holy Trinity in the same year, Recorded before the same Justices and also James Burrough Justice between Robert Philips esquire Plaintiff and George Earl of Coventry and Peggy his wife Deforciants of the Manors of Snitterfield, Luscombe and Bearley otherwise Brearley with appurtenances and 60 messuages, 5 tofts, 4 dovehouses, 200 acres of land, 300 acres of meadow, 500 acres of pasture, 250 acres of wood, 10 acres of land covered with water, 400 acres of furze and heath, the several yearly rents therein more particularly described (i.e. chief rents) issuing out of hereditaments in Snitterfield, Bearley, Luscombe, Fulbrooke and Le Heath together with all Courts Leets, View of Frankpledge, escheats, deodens, goods etc. of felons, also tithes for which Robert Philips gave the said earl and his wife £4200.