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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture of Assignment between John Burton Philips late of Manchester but then of Heath House, Staffordshire, esquire of the 1st part, Robert Philips of the Park, Prestwich, Lancashire, esquire of the 2nd part, Edward Jarman theretofore of Upper Berkeley Street but then of Piccadilly, Middlesex, esquire of the 3rd part and George Hibbert the younger of Portland Place, Middlesex, esquire (a Trustee nominated on behalf of the said Edward Jarman) of the 4th part. Reciting that the two several terms limited by the Mortgage described in DR38/38 DR38/40 had become vested in John Burton Philips in trust to attend upon the inheritance, also reciting that another term of 500 years limited by an Indenture of 10th May 1816 between Henry Denton of the 1st part, George, Earl of Coventry of the 2nd part, Thomas Henry Graham of the 3rd part, Elizabeth Susannah Graham, Sir James Graham others of the 4th part, Robert Philips of the 5th part and John Burton Philips of the 6th part, it was witnessed that the said John Burton Philips at the request of Robert Philips and on the nomination of Edward Jarman assigned to George Hibbert the younger in consideration of 10/- paid by him to John Burton Philips the three reversed terms of 500 years in trust in the first place for securing £30,000, being the principal mortgage sum owing by Robert Philips upon Mortgage described in DR38/163-164 and after such payment of £30,00 to attend upon the inheritance. Signed: Jno. Burton Philips, Robert Philips and Edw. Jarman. Seals of 1st 2nd persons, dexter forearm holding a sword, Seal of Edward Jarman, a dog sejant crowned. Witnesses: Joseph Hinchcliffe Richard Aspden bookkeepers to Philips, Wood Co., Manchester.