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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Indenture dated 18th December 1793 between Robert Benson of Liverpool, merchant and Joseph Seymour of Warwick, mealman of the 1st part, Isaac Hadwen of Liverpool, merchant and Susannah his wife (late Susannah Gaylord spinster) and Hannah Gaylord of Liverpool, spinster of the 2nd part, Richard Smith of Snitterfield, gentleman of the 3rd part, John Mallory of Warwick, Captain in H. M. 29th Regiment of Foot (youngest son and devisee of Robert Mallory theretofore of Woodcote, gentleman deceased) of the 4th part and Henry Smith of Snitterfield, gentleman of the 5th part whereby Robert Brown and Joseph Seymour, in consideration of 5/- apiece paid to them by Henry Smith and £1400 paid by Richard Smith, and at the request and direction of Isaac Hadwen, Susannah his wife and Hannah Gaylord assigned the Mortgage term of 1000 years in the property described in DR38/175, DR38/200 DR38/202 (see also DR38/203-204) to Henry Smith in trust for Richard Smith to attend upon the inheritance in the same premises and as to residue of the lands etc. described in DR38/175, DR38/200 DR38/202 (i.e. the residue of the 309 acres after subtraction of the 106a-3r-28p described in DR38/203-204) in trust for John Mallory and his heirs. Signed Robert Benson, James Seymour, Isaac Hadwen, Susanna Hadwen and Hannah Gaylord. Seal obliterated. Witnesses: Robert Abbatt, merchant, Liverpool, Micheal Waterhouse junior of York, attorney, Joseph Wright, watchmaker, Warwick and John Bohum Smyth of Warwick, attorney at law.