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Snitterfield deeds: Phillips of Welcombe


Abstract of the Title of Richard Smith of Snitterfield, gentleman (only son and heir of Henry Smith, Snitterfield, gentleman who died 3rd May 1814 aged 83) to lands known as Steels, Malberys and Oldakers Lands, to land acquired by his father Henry Smith in 1766 through exchanges and awards under the Inclosure Act for the Parish of Snitterfield of that year, to a cottage, pasture ground, garden and orchard conveyed to the said Richard Smith in 1811 by the Earl of Coventry and to a messuage, barn and garden etc. formerly John Smith's property conveyed to the Testator in 1805 part of which lands comprising 356 acres, 1 rood and 3 perches known as the Wolds Estate were devised by Richard Smith by Will dated 24th May 1838. Commencing with an Indenture dated 15th January 1736 and ending with Indentures dated 18th 19th July 1805. Index to Abstract attached. Index to all Abstracts relating to Wolds Estate.

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    15 Jan 1736-24 May 1838

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